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My name is Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi, PhD. I began my career as a journalist. I received my first assignment from the Chicago Tribune shortly after my twenty-fourth birthday. In the following decade, I wrote more than 800 stories for the esteemed paper.  My work has also run in the New York Times, LA Times, and the country's biggest newspapers.

A desire to deepen my historical research skills led me to pursue a master's from DePaul University in communication (media, culture & society) where my master's thesis analyzed reality home buying shows with regard to the history of home ownership in the U.S.   I matriculated to University of Illinois-Chicago as a funded doctoral student in the communication department where I studied media framing and document analysis. I also have a strong research interest in stigma communication. 


Upon graduation, I became the third generation in my family to receive a doctorate from University of Illinois-Chicago. The  bookstore receipt to the left was my grandfather's fall semester 1941 receipt.  After Pearl Harbor, he promptly left school and joined the army, stationed with the Medical Corps in the South Pacific. He was the first Le Beau to receive his doctorate at UIC. I am the  the fourth.

In addition to my journalistic work, I also speak regularly to professional groups, community organizations, and social clubs.  I speak on a weekly basis about 'Ugly Prey' and the wrongful case against Sabella Nitti. I also offer a CLE on stigma communication, which includes a case study on 'Ugly Prey.'