Continuing Legal Education (CLE) ethics presentations:

Defending stigmatized clients:

  • Customized to meet each state's hourly ethics requirements.
  • Includes historic and modern case studies.
  • Course introduces attendees to how stigma is constructed and communicated in the news media.
  • Course delivers concrete guidance for voir dire, client preparation, and strategies against fear appeals.
  • Outline available upon request.


Persuasion and fear appeals:

  • Customized to meet each state's hourly ethics requirements. 
  • Course introduces attendees to various forms of persuasion and explores why specific approaches are successful. 
  • Course examines why fear is a powerful strategy and delivers concrete guidance to defending against such an appeal.
  • Outline available upon request.

Upcoming/past presentations in the legal community:

  • CLE: Stigma communication to the Philadelphia Bar Association and Justinian Society of Philadelphia,
  • "Ugly Prey" presentation to the Justinian Society of Chicago. 

Presentations related to "Ugly Prey: An Innocent Woman and the Death Sentence that Scandalized Jazz Age Chicago."

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Recent and upcoming "Ugly Prey" presentations: 

  • Pleasant Home (Oak Park)
  • Oak Park Public Library
  • Forest Park Public Library
  • The Clare
  • The Monarch
  • DesPlaines Historical Society 
  • Mensa Chicago.

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